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Anonymous asked: Where did ya get the pose with snow having val over his shoulder? :)

Right here, nonny dear.

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My dash is dead. I’m hitting the sheets. Goodnight, ily all.

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Katsuo came to visit. He’s soooo much taller than I realized lol.

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Anonymous asked: you use photoshop to edit your photos, right? if so, do you use any specific actions? im knew to using it and have noo idea how to work it yet lol

Yes, I use photoshop. I use a combination of actions depending on the photo. All you need to do is download you some actions that fit your taste of editing, load them into photoshop and click play. The best advice I can give you is to search tutorials on google or youtube on certain ways to edit. That’s how I learned for the most part, and just playing around.

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Juniper & Jaxon

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Anonymous asked: You're actually one of the nicest simblrs I follow. You're so kind and make lovely sims. <3 Keep being beautiful

Thank you sweet grey sunglassed face. I try to be as nice as possible. You wanna know why? Because I see how rude others are in this community and it sometimes isn’t really necessary. It’s a game we all enjoy playing and people really shouldn’t fight over pixels, you know?

Again, thank you for your sweet message nonnypie. ILY! <3

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He was still being stubborn and not answering my questions. Just like he always did. I was getting all sorts of tired of the way he avoided everything.

Fine, have it your way." he said as he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.

S-Snow..what the hell. PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled.

You’re acting belligerent right now, I’m putting you in the truck." he replied.

I tried my best to wiggle out of his grip but it just wasn’t happening. He sat me down in the seat, slammed the door and proceeded around to his side of the truck.

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Anonymous asked: i don't want to be a creep but ughhhhhhhhh stars + rebels gives me SO MUCH HAPPINESS i just can't explain it i love their dynamic and your game is freaking gorgeous it cures my sads - wow that was intense hahaha

OMFG NONNY!! You are literally about to make me cry with all this sweetness you fill my eyes with. Like seriously, thank you okay? You should really let me know who you are so I can like stalk you and love you and feed you oreos all day long. Just let me love you 5ever, please? Okay. Thank you again nonnypie, I really really mean that. It’s people like you who give me the inspiration to keep going with this story even though I still feel like it sucks and it’s all cliche and stuffs.

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