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On hiatus until I get my computer fixed

So, before I upgrade to a new operating system…can I get some help from you lovely simmers?

Which should I get, Windows 7 or 8? What will work better with TS3? Any help/info you guys could give me would be much appreciated!

I just want to get back to playing the game…I miss it so much!

Since I lack gameplay, have this old screenie that I never shared.

Replies ;)

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To those who still follow me

I am SO SO SO SO very sorry that I disappeared. Things have been tough for me & my family since Christmas and I just completely shut down and stayed offline, away from Sims and everything else. I apologize that I gave no warning that I was taking off, it was unexpected. I just wanted to say that I’ve missed every single one of you. I also noticed that Tumblr made me unfollow people and I’m so sorry for this too, I’m going to try my best to track down those it unfollowed and get updated with everything I’ve missed since I left.

Anyway, I hope to get back to playing and posting once I get my computers operating system upgraded since Windows no longer supports XP. I need a major reformat. I want to start a fresh game, with new faces and CC.

Congratulations to the two lucky bastards who won the mega millions last night. I bought 6 tickets for that shit and only won $2.

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I went outside once. The graphics were alright, but the gameplay sucked.

Poor Novalee ate some bad food at the festival.


Bonus foxNovie photoooo because I like this one. It’s glowy. n w n

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